Star Glaziers undertake all aspects of commercial and domestic property maintenance, repairs and glazing in the Newcastle upon Tyne area.

Star Glaziers is a family run business. The business was formed over 28 years ago when in 1983 redundancy forced both myself and my father to seek alternative employment. We were offered the opportunity to set up our own business with a small maintenance contract for NEI REYROLLE in Hebburn. We are still doing work for this company after several take overs and many name changes, VA TECH, ROLLS ROYCE and now SIEMENS. This itself shows that we have provided an excellent service over a large number of years and have been able to provide an ever increasing number of skills that have been required.

As our name became known to many of the local businesses through word of mouth and on recommendations alone our customer base began to grow and our business has had to develop to keep pace. Following the reduced number of local industries and numerous requests we have had we also branched out into the domestic markets and have built up an excellent relationship with our customers and have many families who have used us through more than one generation. Firstly we provided upvc windows and doors but soon we recognised the need to be able to supply all our customers’ needs, and now assisted by a small group of skilled craftsmen known to us over many years who work alongside us to ensure the highest quality of work all in compliance with the necessary certification required (electrical, plumbing, gas fitting etc).